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Notre huile de ricin cosmétique est délicatement pressée à froid et ne contient pas de produits chimiques ni d'additifs nocifs. Elle est idéale pour les soins quotidiens de la peau et des cheveux et convient à tous les types de peau et de cheveux. Faites-vous plaisir avec cet élixir de beauté naturel et découvrez l'effet transformateur de l'huile de ricin sur votre peau, vos cheveux et vos cils. Faites l'expérience de la beauté au naturel avec notre huile de ricin cosmétique de qualité supérieure.

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Cosmetic product

Castor oil cosmetic NATUR is used for the care of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, fingernails and skin. Castor oil has the special property of being absorbed very intensively into the deeper areas of the skin and at the same time builds up a healthy skin protection. It is precisely this property that makes castor oil an optimal hair care product. It always convinces with its support for hair growth, strengthens the hair and keeps it soft and shiny.


Castor oil cosmetic nature for skin care:

Dry and brittle skin is moisturised and vitalised through care with castor oil. Combination skin is balanced and oily skin is helped to reduce sebum production. Especially blackheads, acne and other skin impurities can be treated specifically and selectively with castor oil, as the oil has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

Ageing skin that shows the first pigmentation or age spots and forms small expression lines around the eyes, nose and mouth can be revitalised with castor oil. Since castor oil stimulates the formation of the body's own collagen in the skin, the skin is plumped up and looks fresher with regular use.

Castor oil cosmetic nature for hair care:

Castor oil is an ideal addition to daily hair care. When regularly massaged into the hair, it promotes hair growth, nourishes the scalp and keeps the hair soft and shiny.

The oil should be applied to freshly cleansed hair. To do this, the castor oil, warmed in a water bath, is massaged into the already towel-dried hair in portions. The oil should be left on for a minimum of two hours, although it can also be left on overnight for damaged hair or as an intensive treatment.

For the treatment with castor oil, the hair must be brushed very carefully beforehand so that the oil reaches as good as every hair. When applying the oil, an expendable towel should be placed on the shoulders so that the clothes are not accidentally soiled by the thick castor oil.

After application, the oil is repeatedly distributed in the hair with a coarse-toothed comb and the hair is lightly combed through at the same time. If the hair has a certain length, it should be combed back tightly, twisted into a plait or a spiral and possibly pinned with a bobby pin.

For the nightly intensive treatment with castor oil, wrap cling film tightly around the hair. Finally, a towel is placed over the head.

To wash out the rich castor oil, often more than one wash (usually three washings) with an excellent shampoo is needed.

Castor oil for eyelash and eyebrow care:

Since castor oil is free of any chemical additives, its use on the eye is unproblematic. The care treatment should be applied before going to bed, as the oil leaves a greasy film on the eye that can disturb vision. Contact lenses should be removed before application.

For the perfect eye look with thick and supple lashes, the oil is applied as follows:

An eyelash comb or eyebrow brush is needed for maintenance. A lint-free, soft cloth is also suitable. Thorough removal of make-up and mascara around the eyes.

Put a drop of oil on the brush or cloth and comb it into the eyebrows or eyelashes, as close to the lash line as possible, so that the conditioning substances reach the roots of the hair.
Leave the oil on overnight and remove gently the next morning with a tissue and clean water.
To maintain a long-lasting effect, the eyelashes and eyebrows should be treated like this every day for several weeks.

Castor oil and argan oil - the perfect hair care:

Basically, castor oil is balm for the scalp and stimulates hair growth, while argan oil repairs and nourishes the hair ends.

After a treatment with castor oil, when the hair is dry again, put some argan oil in the palms of your hands and let the hair ends glide through.


Pure, cold-pressed castor oil for cosmetic use. In this process, the oil seeds are not heated before pressing and all vitamins and valuable substances are preserved.

Natural products from the heart of Africa, where our story began ....