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Macadamia vegetable oil is obtained by cold pressing the kernels of the macadamia nuts.

Organic macadamia vegetable oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, palmitoleic acid, omega-3 and omega-6. It can be used in cooking for its delicious toasted nutty taste or as a base oil mixed with essential oils.

Macadamia is also known as the "Australian hazelnut". This tree is native to Morocco and produces nuts with an almond-like taste. From these cold-pressed almonds, we extract macadamia vegetable oil.

The vegetable oil is Ecocert certified.


Macadamia oil is a yellow to light brown oil with a sweet to slightly nutty scent. The oil is particularly valuable because of its high fat content, and it also contains vitamins B and E.

In addition, it contains iron and magnesium as well as calcium, potassium and fatty acids. The unsaturated fatty acids contained include, for example, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid and linolenic acid


With its mild, nutty flavour, it is used to refine cold dishes or for cooking and frying.

Because macadamia oil is heat resistant, it is also suitable for frying in the kitchen


Red cabbage salad with walnut and pear

Macadamia oil is also excellent for a wide variety of dressings. For our version, finely chop a red cabbage and mix it with two tablespoons of thyme vinegar in a bowl. Then add two to three tablespoons of macadamia oil and the leaves of a sprig of thyme. While the salad stews for 15 minutes, toast a handful of macadamia nuts in a pan until brown, then chop them coarsely once they have cooled. Quarter a pear, remove the core and slice thinly. Mix the cabbage, nuts and pear pieces and season with salt and pepper.

Sautéed artichokes with macadamia oil

Macadamia oil can easily be heated to a high temperature and can therefore be used for frying. However, it would be a shame to waste this precious oil. That's why we recommend drizzling the oil over foods that have already been sautéed, such as sautéed artichokes. To do this, prepare small artichokes, remove the outer leaves and cut off the tips. Then cut them into quarters, scrape off the hay and sauté them for 10-15 minutes. Season the artichokes with salt and a little macadamia oil.

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