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Small kola nuts are often eaten as snacks and can also be used in drinks such as kola lemonade. Kola nuts contain caffeine and theobromine, which have a stimulating effect on the body and can combat fatigue.

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Small kola nuts, also known as "Kola Nuts", are exquisite brown nuts carefully harvested from the trees in the vastness of Cameroon. These tiny nuts are widely famous for their characteristic bitter taste and intoxicating effect on the body. They are not only a culinary delight, but an important part of the rich West African culture, where they are often generously offered at ceremonies and festive occasions.

Kola nuts are versatile. As a popular snack, they can be found in the hands of people who enjoy their refreshing taste. At the same time, they are a crucial ingredient for refreshing drinks like kola lemonade. These nuts are rich in caffeine and theobromine, natural stimulants that energise the body and counteract fatigue. In addition, they can boost metabolism and curb appetite.

However, the small kola nuts are not only known for their taste and stimulating properties. They also have impressive medicinal qualities. These nuts can be used to relieve headaches, digestive problems and states of exhaustion. They have always had a firm place in traditional West African medicine and are even valued in modern medicine for their potential health benefits.

Kola nuts are thus not only a delicious treat, but also a versatile resource that reflects the rich culture and heritage of West Africa.

Origin: Cameroon

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Tja, ich muss es doch auch mal schreiben: die Kolanüsse sind super.....ich nehm sie wegen ihres inhaltes, der macht mich echt happy !!!


Mmmhhh, j'adore les petits colas... ils ne sont pas faciles à trouver, je les commande tous les mois.

Natural products from the heart of Africa, where our story began ....