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Herpes Ointment has been specially developed for the treatment of herpes labialis, canker sores (blisters in the mouth) and injuries to the oral mucosa. It quickly restores a healthy oral flora.

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Cream made from natural ingredients to relieve herpes.

Our herpes cream has been specially developed for use on cold sores, aphthae (blisters in the mouth) and injuries to the oral mucosa. It quickly restores the healthy oral flora.

While conventional herpes remedies can upset the oral flora due to industrial chemical ingredients, our herpes cream is made from 100% natural ingredients.


From top to bottom, in order of their percentage of the total:

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Prickly Pear Vinegar
  • Saffron Oil Cider


In the early stages or before the outbreak of herpes inflammation:

Apply the herpes cream to the affected area at the first slight signs of incipient inflammation. To do this, dry the mucous membrane with a clean cloth and then massage in a pea-sized piece of the herpes cream. When applying inside the mouth or on the inside of the lips, try to keep the skin area dry for a few seconds after applying the cream. Apply the herpes cream several times a day - even when travelling - over a period of 2-3 days.

In the acute stage of herpes inflammation:

If the blisters have already appeared, apply 3-4 times a day - also on the go. Dab the affected skin area dry with a clean cloth and apply a pea-sized piece to the skin. Massage the cream in lightly and then try to keep the skin area dry for a few more seconds. This will help the cream stick to the mucous membrane for a longer time. Continue the treatment until the blisters have dried out, a rough has formed and it has fallen off. In the case of aphthae (blisters in the mouth), continue the treatment until the symptoms have completely subsided.


After the initial infection, which usually occurs in childhood, the virus leaves the site of infection via nerve tracts and can persist in the sensory ganglia of the spinal cord. In about 30 to 40% of infected persons, it can later be reactivated by various factors. In this case, the virus migrates from the ganglion back to the skin, infects cells of the outer skin layer again and triggers the typical herpes blisters on the lips or around the mouth.

Reactivating factors include above all fever, infectious diseases, trauma, stressful situations, climate changes (strong sunlight!) and hormonal changes. A new outbreak of the infection is announced by characteristic symptoms such as tingling, burning, a slight feeling of tension or pain and reddening of the skin in the lip area (prodromal stage). Afterwards, reddened papules appear, which develop into fluid-filled, highly infectious blisters (vesicles) (erythema and vesicle stage). After three to five days, these vesicles burst and subsequently crust over and become scabbed over.

These two stages (ulceration and crusting stage) are often associated with pain and itching. The different stages can vary greatly in duration and severity depending on the individual. After about seven to ten days, the skin lesions have healed without scarring. More severe courses, which can be associated with fever and nerve pain, for example, are possible.

Since a causal therapy, i.e. a complete removal from the organism, against herpes simplex virus type 1 is not yet possible today, the intervention options for cold sores are limited to alleviating the symptoms and accelerating the healing of the mostly unsightly lesions.

Made in Morocco.

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si je sens que les vésicules grossissent, j'utilise immédiatement cette pommade et elles disparaissent sans grossir - cette pommade est vraiment à recommander

Merci de votre satisfaction!

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