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Discover the delicious diversity of natural grenadine vinegar! Our homemade vinegar is made from top-quality grenadine syrup to give you a unique taste experience. The fruity, sweet flavours of the pomegranate base combine harmoniously with the pleasant acidity of the vinegar to give your dishes a refined taste. Use our natural grenadine vinegar in vinaigrettes, cocktails, desserts or as a secret ingredient in your culinary creations.

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The pomegranate tree can grow up to 5 m tall and live for several hundred years. It is undemanding, grows slowly and loves the hot and dry climate. The branches can be thorny, the leaves are narrow, long, shiny and streaked with red veins. The trumpet-shaped flowers are large and white, yellow, orange or red in colour depending on the location.

The fruit has an apple-sized spherical shape, whose skin is first red, then leathery brown in colour.The pomegranate is a symbol of life and fertility. During menopause, it harmonises the hormone balance in women and influences the growth of the prostate in men. It promotes blood circulation and gives new vitality.

We have produced an excellent vinegar from Moroccan pomegranates. Try it!


Pomegranates are rich in secondary plant compounds, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phenols. These ingredients are much more concentrated in pomegranates than in red wine, green tea, blueberries and grape juice. Vitamins C and E enhance the antioxidant effect. Calcium and magnesium strengthen the bones. Calcium also contributes to deacidification and magnesium serves as an anti-stress agent.

Potassium is indispensable for the function of the heart, muscles and nerves, iron for the formation of red blood cells. The pomegranate contains plant oestrogens, which is already indicated by the signature: The fruit is reminiscent of an ovary, filled with eggs.


The exotic-fruity vinegar is ideal for oriental and Mediterranean salads, bulgur salad, beetroot salad and green leaf salads such as rocket and lamb's lettuce as well as vegetables. Suitable companions for the salad dressing are argan, walnut, hazelnut, pumpkin seed, roasted sesame, grape seed and mild olive oils.

Desserts such as fruit salad, panna cotta and vanilla ice cream as well as muesli and yoghurt can also be refined with pomegranate vinegar. The fruity vinegar with its refreshing acidity also harmoniously rounds off North African dishes such as couscous, game dishes and cheese.

The vinegar is produced according to ecological principles from the best natural products in Morocco.

Natural products from the heart of Africa, where our story began ....