Moringa Oleifera ou le miraculeux radis de mer - SHOP MARKET AFRICA

Moringa Oleifera or the miraculous sea radish

The horseradish tree (Moringa oleifera) belongs to the bennut family (Moringaceae). The German name Meerrettichbaum (horseradish tree), like the English Horseradish Tree, is derived from the content of mustard oil glycosides, which cause the roots to smell pungently burning like horseradish. These were also "discovered" by the English as a substitute for horseradish during the colonial period in India. The term behen nut derives from the fact that behen oil, a highly stable lubricating oil, was extracted from the seeds and was particularly sought after in the watch industry before it was displaced from the European market by the cheaper...

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Smoothie aux fraises et au moringa - SHOP MARKET AFRICA

Strawberry Moringa Smoothie

The perfect drink for your next garden party

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Bette à carde Moringa Bowl - SHOP MARKET AFRICA

Swiss Chard Moringa Bowl

The lemon adds a bit of freshness and neutralises the slightly earthy taste of the chard, which can take some getting used to for "beginners". You can also omit the lemon, but a little extra vitamin C never hurts. 5-6 large leaves of chard (incl. stems) approx. 200 ml coconut water approx. 300 gr frozen mango 1 tsp Moringa powder 1/2 tsp matcha 1 tsp baobab powder 3-4 dates 1/4 organic lemon incl. zest 1. Blend everything in a high-powered blender to a creamy smoothie.2. Garnish with toppings of your choice.

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Smoothie à l'avocat et au moringa - SHOP MARKET AFRICA

Avocado-Moringa Smoothie

Smoothies bieten sich immer an, um morgens mit vielen Vitaminen frisch in den Tag starten zu können.

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